Set of Coat Hooks - Love, Nest, Hope

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Fresh Arrivals for the Autumn, Hooks for all over the home and office.

Featured here is a delightful set wall hooks complimenting each other depicting Birds bearing the message of Love, Nest and Hope.
Love with a pair of blue and cream birds around a green heart nesting box
Hope with a parent bird, chicks and a butterfly and an orange bird box
Nest with a parent bird feeding its chick outside a blue nesting box

The image plaque is 11cm x 11cm with chamfered edges.
Fabricated in coated MDF to give a ceramic feel with a white coated metal hook with ball end

Overall size

Width: 11cm
Height: 17.5cm
Depth: 4.8cm

Approximate Weight: 115g each - Please note that you will receive two hooks

Look out for our four hook Racks also in this range at only £7.70

For the price this makes an ideal inexpensive 'any occasion' gift to send a chum in the post!! - or perhaps ask us to send it
direct for you and we shall include your greeting. - have you tried our wrapping service?

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