FX4011A Single Point Hoist

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Unfortunately the supplier of this item has stopped manufacturing it and we are trying to find replacements.

The FX4011A Single Point Hoist is a single line lift hoist with two straps. This hoist has a load rating of 20kg and has a vertical lift of 2438mm.

This hoist has a patented locking clamp which engages / disengages when you pull or release the lift line. This means, “no trying to tie off the line to a wall hook when working the hoist” and it can be located anywhere in the garage, not “near a wall where a wall hook would have to be mounted”. Having this locking clamp also means if the line slips while lifting, the clamp safely locks and holds the load without it falling to the floor.

Product Details

Part Number: FX4011A          
Load Capacity:  20kg
Dimensions: Not Applicable
Shipping Weight: 2kg
Shipping Method: Courier
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Difficulty: Minor,
Related Installation Requirements: Installs on a ceiling joist with a single eyelet screw or on PowerTrack

Package Contents
:  1 x Single Point Hoist package with mounting eyelet screw, 1 x assembly sheet.