Bright and colourful children’s football wall hooks

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Do you have a child that loves to play football, or any other sport for that matter? Our bright and quirky children’s wall hooks, including this striking football design, would make the perfect addition to your little one’s bedroom. Not only does it provide an easy and practical place for them to hang up their coats, hats or scarves (yes, we’re sure it’ll encourage them to keep tidy!), this simple but fun design will help remind your kids to stay active and healthy. Whether they dream of becoming a footballer or sportsman one day, this hook will help them realise those dreams can be a reality.


  • Width: 9.3cm
  • Height: 15.4cm
  • Depth: 6cm
  • Actual weight: 100g

We design all of our children’s wall hooks with your children, their hopes and dreams specifically in mind. That’s why we’re sure they’ll love this football design, mounted onto a bright blue back frame, that they can use to hang their sports kit when they get home from school or practice. We think this hook would make a perfect gift for your child because its simple but bold design makes it stand out against any background. Also, we all know that kids love to play, so what better way to inspire them to get outside and be active than with one of these beautiful children’s wall hooks? Give your child’s bedroom this extra boost of brightness and excitement in a way that’s also practical and helps encourage them to keep things clear and tidy!

This football hook only requires one screw for assembly. So, attaching this to your child’s wall or door couldn’t possibly be easier! However, please be aware that you’ll need a rawl plug if you’re intending to attach the hook to either plasterboard, brick or concrete.