Demenico Cone Knobs

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Inspired by the Mediterranean coast, these cast terrazzo concrete knobs come in 2 sizes, and 2 colours. The Demenico Cone Knobs can be used as both knob and hook.

Allow for slight variation. 

Made in Greece.


Small: Ø 60 mm (2.4") X H 35 mm (1.4") 
Large: Ø 100 mm (3.9") X H 50 mm (1.9") 

Mounting screws for wall and cabinetry included.

Please note: When mounting any wall hook (even small hooks) we recommend that it is screwed directly into a stud or blocking in the wall. This is essential for these concrete hooks.


Sealed Terrazzo Concrete

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Refer to our  and installation guide below for best practices as these require gentle handling when being installed.