12 Pk Clear Wall Hook Bathroom Kitchen Removable Strong Reusable Vacuum Suction

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12 Pk Removable Wall Hook Bathroom Kitchen Strong Reusable Hangers Vacuum Sucker !!

Hang almost anything under 5 Lbs on any sealed, non-porous surface, such as tile, wood, stainless steel, linoleum or glass with the stick up reausable hooks.
Decorate, get organized with these versatile hooks in your home, bathroom, office, o work space.
Stickup reusable hooks used advanced micro-suction technology to hold just about anything with no nailing, no screwing and no mess.
This listing is for 12 piece clear hook set (1 Pack), includes:
* 6 Pc large hooks 4" x 4"
* 6 Pc medium hooks 3" x 3"