10 D-Ring Tie-Down Anchors, 3/8 Strong Steel D Rings For Loads On Rv Campers, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Vans; Heavy Duty D Ring Tiedowns For Kayaks, Motorcycles, Deliveries, Atvs

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  • These medium-mini D-rings are made of exceptionally heavy duty solid steel, 3/8 diameter thick. They are strong and durable, and can handle a load up to 1,666 pounds. That means that this pack of 4 rings can bear up to 6,664 pounds! See the description below for a clear guide on how to figure out your tiedown limits when loadings trucks and trailers, especially if you're up for DOT inspection...

  • Small bolt-on D rings are the most convenient pieces of tie down metal available. Generally used as tie-down anchors on trucks, pickups, campers, vans, boats, and trailers, they are handy as wall hooks in organized garages, warehouses, and workshops as well.

  • See the 7th picture for a clear visual image of all the dimensions to be sure that this is the tie down you need. Please realize that these rings come with mounting brackets but not bolts. The recommended installation would be with 3/8 diameter carriage bolts to fit the square holes on the mounting clips. We welcome questions, comments, and feedback.

  • Once these Drings are mounted, you can use them as tiedown anchors for motorcycle straps, bungee cords, tarp straps, small chains, ratchet and cam straps, ropes, and other tie-downs. Ideal for securing kayaks, ATVs and other powersport equipment, bikes, refrigerators and similar appliances, delivery and moving boxes, camping gear, etc.

  • INVEST IN THE BEST. DC Cargo Mall is THE MANUFACTURER of these awesome D rings. We stand confidently behind our products' quality with a 100% payment-back happiness guarantee. There is no risk - like em and use em, or chuck em and $ returned! By the way, feel free to check out this tie-down anchor in a 10-pack or as a real mini 1/4 diameter, as well as our other many valuable tie down products available.

  • Size : 10-pack

10-Pack 3/8 Silver Steel D Ring Cargo Tie-Down Anchors with Bolt-on Mounting Clips

This D ring is a classic cargo tie-down anchor - reliable, versatile, and simple. With a diameter of 3/8 , a working load limit of 1,666 lbs., and an inner clearance of 1-17/32 x 1-14/32 , it can accommodate most motorcycle tie-downs, tarp straps and bungee cords, chains, ropes, 1 ratchet straps, and S hooks. Use this silver steel D ring to restrain bikes, landscaping equipment, large appliances, machinery, and other freight loads on utility trailers, pickup truck beds, campers, vans, boats and in warehouses. The bolt-on clip included has two pre-drilled holes for easy installation.Use D rings as cargo anchors only and not for overhead lifting.

The total safe working load limit is determined by ADDING together:

half of the working load limit of each tie-down that goes from an anchor point on the vehicle to an anchor point on an article of cargo;
the working load limit of each tie-down that is attached to an anchor point on the vehicle, passes through, over, or around the article of cargo, and is then attached to an anchor point on the same side of the vehicle;
the working load limit of each tie-down that goes from an anchor point on the vehicle, through, over, or around the article of cargo, and then attaches to another anchor point on the other side of the vehicle
Remember: a securement system is only as strong as its weakest component. Stay safe!
If you have any further questions, feedback, or issues regarding your tie-down Dring anchor purchase, just email or give us a call at 866.998.0577; we look forward to hearing from you!