The Best Linen Curtains Go Beyond Just White and Cream

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Photography by Addie Juell.

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For a window treatment that reads as refined and airy, linen curtains rank among our faves. First, they’re super-versatile. Want to pair them with blinds or hang them in your rustic interior for a touch of elegance? Maybe you’d rather opt for a semi-sheer design for a more modern look. Go right ahead—linen works with nearly everything.

And contrary to popular belief, a love affair with linen doesn’t have to be a colorless one: our list of fabrics come in a multitude of patterns and hues. We tapped stylist and florist Naomi deMañana‘s help to pick out the best linen curtains, before gathering extra insights from interior designer Mat Sanders on maintenance, design, and style tips worth keeping in mind.

Our Favorites

Best Stitched-Edge Linen: H&M Two-Pack Linen-Blend Curtains

2-pack Linen-blend Curtains, H&M ($60 was $75)

Available sizes: 47-by-98 inches | Fabric type: Linen, cotton | Machine washable: Yes | Oeko-Tex certified: No

What we like:

  • Four hanging options
  • Affordable price
  • Recycled cotton shell

Worth noting:

  • Limited color palette
  • Only one size available

Why we chose it: This boho-chic, lightweight curtain comes in pastel solids.

DeMañana counts the stitched edges as her favorite detail on this H&M panel, and then there are the serene color choices of beige and purple, too. The single size option makes it a perfect pick for a kid’s room; to ensure you have enough coverage for a larger window, you may want to purchase more than one panel. 

While you’ll have to shop around for your own hook, this curtain offers multiple hanging options, making it particularly versatile: Choose from curtain loops, drapery hooks, four-prong drapery hooks, or a waved header to create a ripple effect with the material. And in keeping with H&M’s mission to use all recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030, the curtain shell is made of 20 percent recycled cotton. 

Best Color Selection: 3HLinen Linen Back Tab Curtain Panel 

Linen Back Tab Curtain Panel, 3HLinen ($56)

Available sizes: 53 inches wide, customizable lengths | Fabric type: Linen | Machine washable: Yes | Oeko-Tex certified: No

What we like:

  • Custom lengths
  • Medium weight
  • Broad color palette

Worth noting:

  • Only one width available

Why we chose it: An elegant pick with customized lengths and a cornucopia of color options.

For lovers of a medium-weight curtain with a wide range of “nice, muted colors,” deMañana says, this linen design is a go-to. Prepare to be smitten by the wide array of hues: The panel comes in 25 saturated colors both vibrant and soft, including basil, azure blue, off-white, mustard yellow, merlot, and dusty pink.  

Each curtain measures 53 inches wide, but you can customize the length from 60 to 136 inches and buy more than one panel for fuller window coverage. If you prefer a tailored look that conceals the curtain rod, you’ll love the option of using curtain loops to hang the panels or sliding the rod directly through the back tab heading.

Best Value for Flax Linen: Quince European Linen Curtain 

European Linen Curtain, Quince ($80)

Available sizes: 48-by-84 inches, 48-by-96 inches, 48-by-108 inches | Fabric type: Linen | Machine washable: Yes | Oeko-Tex certified: No 

What we like:

  • Lengthy look 
  • Weighty texture
  • Seven color choices

Worth noting:

  • Edge hem is a little untidy

Why we chose it: Linen is a worthy investment, but these panels are beautiful and budget-friendly. 

Relaxed, yet sophisticated—that’s how we’d describe Quince’s linen curtains. The textured weave elevates seven different color offerings, of which we’re drawn to the moody navy and blush-y flax. An additional cotton lining helps provide the just-right amount of shade at a medium opacity while still letting a bit of light through. Relatively new to the retailer’s site, these already tout a nearly 5-star rating. Multiple reviewers love the fact that these are designed to be hung two different ways from either a back tab or pole top. Other shoppers describe them as “fresh and soft” with a “lightness” and “air of luxury.” But the best part? This is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to 100% European flax linen curtains. And if you buy four panels at once, you’ll earn $20 off your next purchase. Win-win. 

Best Quality Linen Custom Curtains: Loft Curtains Custom

Custom Curtains, Loft

Available sizes: Customizable | Fabric type: Custom | Machine washable: Depends on fabric | Oeko-Tex certified: No

What we like:

  • Wide range of fabric choices
  • Multiple hanging options
  • Custom light-filtering options

Worth noting:

  • No specific price set; depends solely on customization

Why we chose it: A plethora of customization options makes it easy to create a signature look.

Bring your ultimate vision to life with these panels. There’s a custom option for every detail, including fabric type and weight, height, color, finish, heading style, and light-filtering abilities. Among the linen choices are: Flow, a linen textured sheer; Grace, a linen-blend semisheer; and Antwerp, a 100 percent Belgian linen sheer. To allow in more light, choose a panel without lining, or darken your room with three liners: 100 percent blackout in white or a privacy lining in white or ivory. 

Care instructions and prices depend on the fabric choices and other customized details (for reference, a 48-by-96-inch Flow panel in white with a rod pocket and no lining costs $268), so if you’re trying to budget or determine how much maintenance you’re up for, order swatches to narrow down your picks before purchasing. 

Best Embroidered Border: West Elm European Flax Linen Embroidered Stripe Curtain


Available sizes: 48-by-84 inches, 48-by-96 inches, 48-by-108 inches | Fabric type: European flax | Machine washable: Yes | Oeko-Tex certified: Yes

What we like:

  • Embroidery detail
  • Dual top design
  • Light blocking and insulating

Worth noting:

  • Only one width available
  • Limited color palette

Why we chose it: A cute side stripe elevates this casual window treatment.

This cool curtain has a natural calming effect, thanks to its crisp linen texture. While the white panel channels relaxation, the vibrant yellow side stitching energizes the overall look. Further complementing this exciting edging are two hanging styles: pleated or bunched. The only available width is 48 inches, but the length options make this a perfect pick for those who want to create the illusion of higher ceilings by hanging taller curtains. The soft fabric also helps to insulate windows and block out light. 

Best Check Linen: Solino Home 100 Percent Pure Linen Curtain

Solino Home Linen Curtain, Amazon ($92)

Available sizes: 52-by-45 inches, 52-by-54 inches, 52-by-63 inches, 52-by-84 inches, 52-by-96 inches, 52-by-108 inches, 52-by-120 inches, 52-by-132 inches, 52-by-144 inches | Fabric type: Linen | Machine washable: Yes | Oeko-Tex certified: No

What we like:

  • Fun patterns
  • Broad range of sizes
  • Handcrafted

Worth noting:

  • Wrinkle-prone

Why we chose it: Farmhouse-style curtains with fun patterns that pop.

While this panel comes in a variety of nature-inspired solids—think: rainforest green, lava smoke, ivory, and navy—it was the peppy checked pattern that caught deMañana’s attention. “It’s subtle enough for people who want a colorway but don’t want to overpower the space,” she says. Or add a bit of personality to a farmhouse-style room with the plaid or pinstripe pattern. 

And there’s another design aspect we love: Each curtain is woven on state-of-the-art looms, then hand-finished by Solino artisans. The 3-inch rod pocket suits those who prefer the concealed hardware look, and there’s a 4-inch bottom hem that gives the panels a polished appearance. This pure linen curtain does wrinkle, but ironing or steaming on a low setting should smooth creases right out.

Best Sheer Flax Linen: Pottery Barn Belgian Linen Pocket Sheer Curtain


Available sizes: 50-by-84 inches, 50-by-96 inches, 50-by-108 inches | Fabric type: Belgian linen | Machine washable: No | Oeko-Tex certified: Yes 

What we like:

  • Dual hanging options
  • Certified nontoxic
  • Side and bottom hems

Worth noting:

  • Limited color palette
  • Only three lengths

Why we chose it: A natural color palette coupled with sheer fabric makes for an effortlessly chic panel.

We love the sheerness of this elegant, understated panel from Pottery Barn. The curtain comes in white, ivory, flax, and gray, and the latter two are less translucent options if you want to take your room in a moodier direction. Hang your curtains with the pole pocket; for a longer drape that just kisses the floor or pools on it in layers (read: drama), use the accompanying curtain clips. A 1-inch side and 12-inch bottom hem give these curtains a tailored look. The panel lengths include the pole pocket height (3 inches), so consider this when selecting the curtain size.

Best Linen Ruffle: Amity Home Ruffled Solid Semi-Sheer Curtain Panel Pair

Amity Home Semi-Sheer Curtain Pair, Perigold ($178 was $194)

Available sizes: 52-by-96 inches | Fabric type: Linen | Machine washable: Yes | Oeko-Tex certified: No

What we like:

  • Decorative detail
  • Price includes two panels
  • Translucent fabric

Worth noting:

  • One color available
  • One size available

Why we chose it: A classic white linen curtain with soft, subtle detailing.

If the phrase keep it simple were a curtain, then this delicate, minimalist-friendly selection would be it. “The ruffle gives a simple white panel a bit of personality, a feminine touch,” deManana explains. Made of semisheer 100 percent linen, the curtain diffuses a little light; since it doesn’t come lined, you’ll want to purchase a backing separately if a darker room is high on your priority list. The rod pocket is the only hanging option, so routinely opening and closing the curtains may require a bit of extra effort. The panels come in one size and one color, but if you love a subdued look that still makes a statement, place these beauties in your shopping cart.

Best Silk-Linen Blend: Crate & Barrel Silvana Grey Silk Curtain Panel

Silvana Grey Silk Curtain Panel, Crate & Barrel ($72 was $140)

Available sizes: 48-by-108 inches | Fabric type: Silk, linen | Machine washable: No | Oeko-Tex certified: No

What we like:

  • Natural materials
  • Cotton lined
  • Dual hanging options

Worth noting:

  • Only one width available
  • Final sale

Why we chose it: A blend of two natural fibers creates a luxurious, organic panel.

Prepare to add some formal flair to your room with this vibrant silk-and-linen blend. “It hangs nicely, and it’s a little more billowy,” deManana says of the fullness of this curtain. “You can see the grain, which adds more of an organic feel.” There are two ways to hang this curtain to make the most of its elegant appearance: “Use the 3-inch rod pocket to create a gathered look, or go for a pleated effect with the back tab,” she advises. 

Each panel comes with a 100 percent cotton liner, but the shorter width (48 inches) means you might consider placing this curtain over a smaller window or purchasing more than one for additional coverage.

How We Chose These Products

Linen curtains are synonymous with comfort and understated elegance, yet the classic material still brings a ton of versatility to the curtain arena. Our picks cover a lot of ground, from blended fabrics to those that diffuse light and others with striking details and lively patterns. We considered the style factor (from minimalist to more ornate alternatives), level of care and maintenance, light-reducing qualities, and hanging options for each choice, while simultaneously covering a broad range of price points.

Our Shopping Checklist


The color and style of linen curtains largely depends on your personal preference, but they do come in a wide array of patterns and hues. Neutral tones and solids, for example, bring balance to spaces that already have a ton of patterned details. If you want your curtains to blend in, opt for a color that matches the walls. To create contrast, go for colors that pop against the wall color (like a rich turquoise against a gray background); for some depth, lean toward a shade deeper or lighter than the room’s primary paint color. You could also draw your curtain color from accent pieces such as rugs, furniture, and wall art to create cohesion. 

Before buying linen curtains, deMañana and Sanders both suggest considering a few other factors: Is your linen light or medium weight? Is it lined, does it offer medium coverage, or is it completely sheer? “Some linen curtains can be light filtering, depending on the weave, so they can bring in more light than others,” says Sanders. “Consider this before purchasing, especially if you want a blackout option. Be sure to have the drapes backed with black fabric if that’s the case.”

Additionally, if you share deMañana’s preference for natural fabrics, check out eco-friendly options that are also Oeko-Tex certified, which means the product contains all environmentally safe materials and was created using sustainable practices.

Care and Maintenance

Because linen curtains are prone to wrinkling, deMañana says to handle them with care. “Don’t fold or scrunch them unless you’re going for that wrinkled linen look,” she notes. While steaming does help to remove some creases, she takes one added precaution to avoid them altogether: “I ask the store to put the fabric on a roll instead of folding it.”

“For longevity I always have my curtains dry-cleaned, so keep that in mind when purchasing,” adds Sanders. “Be cautious about putting them in the washer or hand-washing, because they may shrink or stretch, causing you to have to reposition the hang bar or even purchase new curtains.”

Installation and Hardware

Much like color selection, how you mount your linen curtains is largely a personal choice that ties into details like your interior aesthetic, ceiling height, and room size. “It all depends on the style of your house,” explains Sanders. “I lean toward a metal rod with rings, tapestry hooks, and inverted pleats for a classic, casual look. For a modern look, I love a ceiling track that is simple and clean with drapes mounted as a ripple fold.” 

When installing your linen curtains, do what feels best for your room, says Sanders: “If you are buying them off the rack, don’t be afraid to bring them to your tailor.” 

Ask Domino

Q: What’s the best way to get wrinkles out of linen curtains?

Some linen curtains can be smoothed out by ironing them on low heat. But as deMañana says, a deep crease may not come out of the fabric, even after they’ve been (carefully) pressed or steamed. For best results, avoid folding or creasing the linen (unless that’s the look you want), or have your curtains dry-cleaned to reduce the likelihood of shrinkage or damage.

Q: Do linen curtains shrink if you wash them?

Expect shrinkage if you wash and dry your linen curtains using high heat. In some cases, this leads to permanent damage. Worried that your hand- or machine-washing technique may warp your linens? Consider sending the panels to a professional to ensure that they’re properly cleaned and maintained.

Q: Will linen curtains fade over time? 

“Most fabrics will fade when consistently exposed to sunlight, but since linen is a natural fabric, it tends to hold dye better,” says deMañana. “If it’s a thick variety, it will have a nice longevity.” But if you want some added protection from fading, search for lined options or purchase a separate liner to attach to the inside.

The Last Word

Linen curtains have become synonymous with refined, classic style. But don’t be fooled by their subtlety: These laid-back window treatments are incredibly versatile. Pick your blend, decide on a pattern or solid color, and know that whichever choice you make can (and will) elevate your space with ease.

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