Spruce up Your Space with New Accessories by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen

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Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon has once again brought his A game to Fritz Hansen, this time to create a pair of vases and a wall hook, each bursting with their own charisma and personality.

Hayon was inspired by the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging, called ikebana or ikeru, when creating this pair of unconventional Ikeru vases. The metal flutes, available in a high or low vase design, aim to highlight the full length of each individual flower within the arrangement, creating a landscape with nature at its core. Water in the vase’s base keep the stems hydrated.

“(Hayon’s) urban design language pairs with true nature. The vases almost look like little cities blooming,” says Christian Andresen, Head of Fritz Hansen Design.

Hayon has managed to carry the smiley fave street tag he used early on in life to the next level in the Happy Hook. With smooth lines that aren’t serious in the least, its cheerful design can be used to hang a coat, a bathroom towel, whatever you’d like all while providing a smile. Choose from three colors or mix and match an assortment.

“This simple design is a straightforward expression of his optimism and outlook. Its link to his years as a young artist makes it that much more meaningful,’ says Andresen.

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