Keep Your Fire Pit Burning With the Best Pokers This Summer

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This summer, keep the fire roaring as safely as possible with an invaluable tool: the fire poker. Along with a log grabber and other fireplace tools, a poker helps you safely adjust logs and burn your fire more evenly while keeping you and your loved ones safe. This can be done in an indoor fireplace, and with outdoor fire pits or a bonfire.

Poking your wood helps it burn better by letting air circulate between the logs and the fire, as when you use tongs. The long-handled tool comes in different lengths, and unlike a basic wood stick, it won’t result in splinters or breakage. This prodding tool is generally long, rigid and made of metal.


Things to Consider in the Best Fire Poker

  • Length: A shorter length is best for wood fire stoves and smaller flames, but a standard-sized one is suitable for indoor fireplaces. Choose an extra-long poker for outdoor fires, large fire pits and bigger flames.
  • Material: The materials should obviously be fire resistant: stainless steel, cast iron or wrought iron are your best choices. Keep an eye out for powder-coated steel, which is extra durable. Stainless steel will have more of a lightweight feel than cast or wrought iron alternatives.
  • Function: Look for a hook or claw-style prong towards the tip of your poker. If your poker will be used outdoors, consider purchasing a rust-proof one. If you have a gas fireplace, it’s important to get a poker that’s designed specifically for those uses, and the same goes for fireplace inserts — make sure your poker is the right size for it.

1. Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Poker


This heavy-duty steel poker is an affordable solution to help you move heavy logs or fire grates. With a rust-resistant finish, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and features an understated, matte look complete with a tapered handle and hooked tip that works as a grabber. At 27 inches long, it’s the optimal length to keep your hands safe from the flames. A must-have for any indoor set-up or backyard fire pit.

Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Poker Buy: Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Poker $23.95

2. Skyflame Stainless Steel Poker


Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials you can get, and it also offers a more contemporary aesthetic. Ideal for a campfire, fireplace or lidded fire pit, Skyflame’s 40-inch poker stick is longer than average, and the ultimate balance between length and control for easy maneuvering. It also has a built-in lid-lifter. Just assemble the three pieces and use a hook to hang the poker up when it’s not in use.

Skyflame Stainless Steel Poker Buy: Skyflame Stainless Steel Poker $20.99 (orig. $24.99) 16% OFF

3. Walden Fire Poker


If you require an extra-long poker for your fire-tending needs, opt for this Walden poker, which is safer to use, especially for kids. The air jets within this item make it one of the only dual stokers and pokers; just place the tip into the base of the fire and blow air through it to reignite your flames. Besides the unique length, we love the wooden handle and the fact that this XL option removes the need for bellows.

Walden Fire Poker Buy: Walden Fire Poker $67.49

4. Coghlans Expandable Fire Poker


Prefer an adjustable fire poker? Perfect for camping or backpacking trips, this compact, chrome-plated poker by Coghlans can extend to 30 inches and be collapsed for easy storage and transportation. One buyer says, “I was a little skeptical on if I really needed a fire poker while camping. However I have found myself unable to find a stick durable enough to move the logs around or not catch fire. This compact extending fire poker is exactly what I needed.”

Coghlans Expandable Fire Poker Buy: Coghlans Expandable Fire Poker $10.00

5. Pleasant Hearth 30-inch Fireplace Poker


This black steel fire poker helps move logs inside your fireplace or fire pit for a very affordable price, and it’s powder-coated for extra strength. A shopper describes it as “just the right length” and it offers long-term durability for a reasonable price. If you need an extra-long option, this might not be the best fit, but it’s perfect for your standard fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Pleasant Hearth 30-inch Fireplace Poker Buy: Pleasant Hearth 30-inch Fireplace Poker $12.49

6. Home Decorators 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set


If you’re in need of some other fireplace tools, make your life easier and invest in this set, which contains a poker, tongs, broom, shovel and stand. You’ll have everything to keep your fireplace and chimney clean, and the simple aesthetic will fit in with any home and make it more complete. It does require some assembly upon arrival.

Home Decorators 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set Buy: Home Decorators 5-Piece Fireplace Tool Set $40.00

7. 18-Inch Mini Rope Design Fire Poker


If you have a wood stove, a more compact fire poker might actually be easier to manipulate. This miniature wrought iron choice with a twisted handle has a classic, timeless look and a loop at the end so that it can be hung from a hook or wall bracket when not in use. Plus, with its shorter length, it’s much easier to store.

18-Inch Mini Rope Design Fire Poker Buy: 18-Inch Mini Rope Design Fire Poker $29.43

8. Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools


If you want a streamlined, minimalist look, consider Solo Stive’s fire pit tools, which include a log poker and a grabber. While they can be used with any fireplace or pit, these 304 stainless steel tools are designed and angled specifically to work with a Solo Stove. The grabber and poker are both angled to make adjusting smaller pieces of wood easier, so it’s an essential must-have if you do that, Solo Stove owner or not.

Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools Buy: Solo Stove Fire Pit Tools $69.99

9. Tiki Metal Fire Pit Screen and Poker Set


Stop flying sparks in their tracks with this Tiki metal fire pit screen and two-piece poker set. With its handsome aesthetic and functional nature, it’s no wonder that this fire safety set has plenty of five-star reviews on Home Depot. It’s not the cheapest option, but it will last a lifetime and keep you safe from ash and debris. The ergonomic poker handle even includes a bottle opener, which can be useful for social occasions.

TIKI Metal Fire Pit Screen and Poker Set Buy: TIKI Metal Fire Pit Screen and Poker Set $150.00

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