Is there a home theatre junkie in your life and you’re wondering about the perfect gift for them? Or perhaps you know that with all the time we’re spending in our houses these days that having a solid home theatre is more important now than ever.

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Find home theatre gifts: 4K & 8K TVs

It’s no secret that a TV is the ultimate home theatre gift. The core of any home entertainment centre or media room, if you’ve been waiting to get a new TV, it’s time to do it! Most TVs today are 4K resolution and if you’ve been holding onto an older TV, you’ll really notice a big improvement. You can also consider upgrading to an even higher resolution 8K TV, though while these look great, especially at larger sizes, there’s not nearly enough 8K content so this is the TV to get if you’re trying to future-proof your media room.

Home theatre audio: find the right sound bar or sound system

The next thing you need to take your media room or home theatre to the next level is great sound. We’ve said it before, and will say it again: today’s ultra thin and light TVs just don’t have the capacity to produce high-quality audio to match the ultra high resolution video we’re all watching now. That’s why getting a sound bar, or a home theatre audio package including a receiver is pretty much a must. The good news is, you can spend as little as a couple hundred dollars for a quality sound bar, or you can splurge and get a whole home surround sound system, even with Dolby Atmos technology, which adds in overhead channels to better replicate audio in 3-D space.

Check out the many home theatre audio options at Best Buy

Media streamers: how to make every TV smart!

While most TVs are smart these days and have built-in streaming, not all of us have upgraded all our TVs yet. That’s why media streaming devices are so popular. It’s easy to hook up a media streamer for streaming smarts.

Blu-Ray & DVD players

Some might wonder why you would need a Blu-Ray or CDVD disc player in this era of online and digital content. Truth is, if you want to guarantee that you’ll always have access to your favourite TV shows or movies, owning a hard copy is the only way to do this. Streaming services pay for licenses for content and those can expire, meaning while you might be able to watch Friends right now, there’s no guarantee how long it stays out there.

Clear clutter & confusion: get a universal remote control

Sure, every TV comes with a remote control, but don’t they get mixed up, and isn’t everyone confused about which remote to use with which component? The best way to reduce coffee table clutter is to invest in a universal remote control. These devices are easier to program than ever before, and let you control all your electronics easily with one remote.

TV mounts & stands: make this the year you wall mount

This holiday season, wall mount your TV. It saves so much space, and looks clean and modern. Plus, wall mounts are safer especially in homes with small children and pets. If wall mounting isn’t an option, Best Buy has a fantastic selection of different types of TV stands and furniture. Not handy? Geek Squad can come in an do this service for you. Talk about a great gift idea!

This holiday season, you can find great gifts for the home theatre lover—or the whole family. Shop all Home Theatre at Best Buy.

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