Headset Hooks of Wood and Metal, Gamer Gift, Computer Accessory by andrewsreclaimed

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29.00 USD

Headphone hook of striped wood and metal. To store, protect and display your high end headphones, what better solution than this luscious unique beauty? Makes a terrific housewarming gift, or gift for a gamer, computer whiz or musician.

It works pretty well with our Skull Candy Crushers. Tried it out with headphones with a 2” top band and that worked out well too.

We take many different wood scrap cuts and laminate them together to make the facings for these hooks. The backs are reclaimed cedar wood.

Two solid brushed aluminum hooks are deeply embedded with glue in their angled holes. We make the hooks in-house, so they can be customized. If you need some other shape of hanger or hook for some other item we readily accept custom work so please feel free to give us a holler.

The finish is a thorough but not too heavy satin lacquer to protect and highlight the wildly varying colors and tones.

The wood part is 3.25" x 3.25" x .75" and the pegs are 1/2" wide and extend about 2.5”.

Stainless steel screws are nice looking, resistant to corrosion and included along with small wall anchors. The hardware is #6, small and capable, with #6 helical wall anchors if that’s important to you.

Shipping is included for all orders in USA, and will ship within two days.

Made in USA