Ghostrunner Demo Impresses with Quick-Fire Mobility and Combat

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Ninjas are back.

Yesterday, developer One More Level reintroduced Ghostrunner with a new trailer that confirmed the first-person, cyberpunk take on ninjas would still be coming to PlayStation 4 later this year. It was a quick reminder that the game still looks really cool, but PC players actually got the chance to go hands on with a demo. Footage of that is now hitting the internet, and Ghostrunner looks even better in action.

Coming courtesy of Alanah Pearce, who commentates over the video, we get a 10-minute glimpse of what to expect from the full experience. And it certainly looks set to be one speedy, intense, action-packed game. Along with wall-running, sliding, and slow-motion dashes, you'll also come equipped with a grappling hook to help you traverse large gaps and complete jumps you'd otherwise miss. Meanwhile, combat appears to revolve around one-hit kills which immediately dismember enemies thanks to your trusty katana.

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