Eames Office X Globe Silhouette Series Are Decked Out in Iconic Designs

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The Eames Office’s collaboration with skate brand Globe has already proven fruitful before in their efforts to honor the creative legacy of Ray and Charles Eames, previously reviving a fallen tree sourced from the Eames House property and transforming it into a very precious collectible for the most fortunate and dedicated Eames enthusiasts. The partnership returns in the form of three new skateboard decks, each memorializing one of three famous designs from the creative pair’s storied catalog.


The Eames Silhouette Series is represented by a trio of walnut veneer skate decks, each double-sided silk screen printed with a historic photo printed on top and a matching motif graphic on the underside.


“Molded Plywood Sculpture” shows one of the Eameses’ innovative experiments with plywood from 1943. Their Plywood Sculpture was not only a beautiful work of contemporary art, but also a technological breakthrough.


‘Hang-it-all” depicts a cheerful object designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1953, “for children to hang all their belongings.” “Hang-it-all” is a highly functional wall hook; it is educational as its wooden balls of different sizes and colors convey a sense of order; and in its composition of geometric shapes, it is as beautiful as a work of abstract art.

‘Solar Do-Nothing Machine’ shows a kinetic sculpture designed in 1957 for a national aluminum forecast program. Charles and Ray Eames created a solar machine powered by small electric motors, which was both an art installation while also growing awareness of renewable energy. Charles Eames with “Solar Do-Nothing Machine,” 1957 © Eames Office, LLC; © Eames Office, LLC, 2023

The trio of decks is joined by a colorfully realized cruiseboard adorned with a triangular motif based on the iconic structural plaything simply known as The Toy. The bullet-shaped The Blazer 26″ skateboard can be considered the physical embodiment of Charles Eames’ proclamation that play should be considered an essential step in the creative process: “Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the prelude to serious ideas.”


Ray Eames with sculptures made from “The Toy”, 1951 © Eames Office,

Each board in the Silhouette Series is priced at $124.95 and includes its own co-branded wall-mount, making it very clear these decks are intended to be cherished and displayed as collectibles rather than taken out onto the streets. The $199.95 Toy Blazer cruiserboard on the other hand is covered in grip tape and includes trucks and wheels, ready to put the Eameses’ belief in the essential nature of play into action.