DIY Macrame Projects For Beginners And Experts

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DIY macrame projects are capturing the attention of homeowners nationwide. The macrame decor was popular in the 70s, and since returned,  bigger and better than before. If you’re thinking about macrame has a hobby, it’s one of the easier crafts you could learn.

DIY Macrame Projects

There isn’t a limit on the things you can make with macrame. You could design macrame hanging planters or wall decorations. It’s not difficult and only requires cord, yarn, or similar material to make a webbed pattern like a hanging shell for plant pots.

Before we go further, we wanted to give you some background information to help you understand what macrame is.

What Is Macrame?

Boho Macrame Project

Macrame is a textile made with special knotting techniques. Unlike weaving or knitting, macrame is made with three main knots. Although its origins can be traced back to 13th century Arabia, macrame became popular in 19th century Genoa.

In Arabic, macrame means “fringe,” but it’s also the French word for “knot.” When the knot style was first used, Arabic weavers made decorative knots at the end of the threads that hung from the edges of handmade items like towels, veils, and shawls.

What Are The Three Main Macrame Knots?

Macrame Knots

Macrame is made by tying knots. There are three knot styles that make up the macrame style. The three macrame knots are:

  • Square knot
  • Spiral knot
  • Half-hitch knot

Popular DIY Macrame Projects For Your Home

Here are some trending DIY macrame projects for your home. Each project is good for beginners or experts.

Macrame Bottle Vase Holder

Knotted macrame bottle vase

To learn how to macramé, start with something simple like the hanging planter featured on brepurposed.porch. This project shows you how to make everything including the pot itself. It’s made of air-dry clay and has leather wrapped around the bottom half.

With a similar technique, you can make a macramé hanging support for a bottle and turn it into a vase. You’ll need. a clean bottle, jute or twine, and scissors. Remove the labels on the bottle, cut a piece of twine, and loop it around the bottle’s neck.

Weave the ends around to make a sturdy base and then use more twine to make the pattern that wraps around the entire bottle. Secure it all at the bottom with more knots. {craftingfingers}.

Macrame Flower Pot Holder

Macrame crochet hanging pot

Making a hanging planter is pretty easy but what if you want to use your macramé skills for something more than that? In that case, perhaps you’d like to try the idea featured on Supersuperhq. The hanging leaves in this pot are made using string and a crochet hook.

Check out the full description of the project to find out how to make them for yourself. If you want you can also improvise and crochet some lovely flowers as well.

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger 

Macrame buchet flowers

A stylish idea would also be to also make a bouquet wrap using a similar technique. This way you’ll be able to turn a beautiful bouquet into an interesting and unusual decoration for your home without using the same old vase everyone is already very familiar with.

To find out how to make a macramé bouquet wrap, check out the tutorial on Alwaysrooney. It explains in detail the entire process. All you’ll need for the project is cotton piping, scissors, tape, and a bouquet.

Macrame Water Bottle Holder

DIY Macrame feeder

There are also lots of other interesting projects that let you put your macramé skills to good use and which don’t involve plants and pots.

A cute idea is offered on Lovelyindeed where you can learn how to make a hummingbird feeder using a bottle, a tube with a stopper, cord, a hook, and water and sugar.

Clean the bottle and then weave the cord around it as shown in the tutorial. If you want, spray paint it when you’re done. Attach the tube, fill the bottle with water and hang the feeder birds could enjoy it.

Macrame Boho Wall Hanging 

Macrame wall hanging

Use your DIY skills to make an unexpected decoration for the walls of your home. For some inspiration, check out the wall hanging design featured on Placeofmytaste.

Interestingly enough, it was all done using a cotton mop refill. If you want to make something similar you’ll also need a dowel, some wood stain, and scissors.

Cut the dowel into two pieces and slip the smaller one through the top hooks of the mop refill. From there start knotting the desired pattern. Insert the second dowel and add another mop refill to the mix.

Decorative Wall Macrame

Macrame round wall art

This project is from Ludorn. The unusual wall decorations are made using cord and metal circle frames. Use two circles to make one decoration and fabric paint to customize it.

You can choose from other variations. For example, try using more than two circles or other geometric shapes. Also, the color can impact the whole look.

DIY Macrame Fringe Wall Decor

Yarn macrame Wall Art

Let’s say you want to make a garland. Perhaps you want to use it as a festive decoration for a party or some other occasion. Either way, check out this project: Abeautifulmess. The colorful garland described here features macrame yarn.

To make something similar, use yarn in the desired colors, scissors, and tape or push pins. Cut a piece of yarn to use as a base.

Then cut lengths of yarn that will be turned into fringes. Knot them to the base one by one. Arrange the colors as you want. Then start knotting them two by two to make a webbed pattern.

Macrame Doorway

Macrame Curtain DIY

You can make a macrame cover for your doors and windows. This doorway features a 100 percent cotton cord. You could also make thin ropes or anything else you want. Check out Abeautifulmess to find a detailed tutorial for that. To make things easier, first, try the project with yarn and then make the curtain.

Tie four strings at a time and pin them to a foam core board. Then follow the steps to get the pattern. Then, when you’re confident you can get things right, use rope to make the curtain.

Macrame Chair Hammock

DIY hammock chair

The macrame hammock chair featured on Fishandbull is quite the inspiring project. If you want to make one for yourself, you’ll require a circular metal chair frame, sandpaper, primer, spray paint, clothesline rope, and scissors. Sand, prime and paint the frame and then start making the hammock.

Cut pieces of cord, fold them in half, and loop them around the top of the chair frame. Next, knot the ropes to make the pattern as shown in the tutorial.

Decide how loose you want the hammock so you know when to stop and secure the ropes to the bottom of the chair frame.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Which Macrame Projects Are Trending?

Today, popular DIY macrame projects include solid oak macrame pieces with cream and mustard colored yarn. Macrame plant hangers have become a favorite among DIY enthusiasts, for example.

Macrame is moving out of the boho style realm and entering more traditional home interior settings. Due to platforms like Etsy and YouTube, DIY craftspeople have more ways to sell their creations, thus reigniting macrame’s popularity.

How To Measure Macrame Rope For A Project?

Measuring macrame rope is easy. All you do is tie a knot and then mark the top and bottom with an ink marker. Next, untie the knot and measure how much rope was used for the knot and multiply the length to determine the amount of tope that will be needed for your DIY macrame project.

Which Cord Is Excellent For Making Macramé Jewelry?

Hemp cord is best for macrame jewelry because of its strength, durability, and ability to make firm knots. Today, hemp cord is available in 20 different colors. The cord is also available in a wax finish, offering a more refined look.

Can You Use Any Cord For Macrame?

Any type of cord that you can tie a knot with is suitable for macrame. The feature to look consider is how easy or difficult is it to tie a knot with the cord you want to use. In this case, many DIY craftspeople prefer cotton cords. Cotton string is easy to unravel and softer on your hands, making it ideal for beginners.

What's The Difference Between Macrame Cord And Rope?

Macrame cord is not as hard as rope and therefore it’s not as rough on your hands. It also provides a smooth look for your DIY macrame projects. You won’t have to worry about uneven twists or pulled strings impacting the look of your design.  

DIY Macrame Projects Conclusion

Now that you know more about macrame, you have no excuses but to pick a project and start tying knots. You need a creative outlet, and macrame offers plenty of room to tap into your DIY art skills. Feel free to design whatever you want, and if you don’t like it, then start over with something else. 

Macrame is cheap and easy, and your free to create whatever pattern you desire. A macrame decor item hanging from a wall would be a stylish way to put a spotlight on an area inside your home.

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