7 Little-Known Secrets to Organize Your Custom Closet System

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Little-Known Secrets to Organize Your Custom Closet System

Let's face it, custom closet systems may seem like a luxury, but they're a necessity for anyone who wants to keep their clothing and personal belongings in tip-top shape. A messy closet can lead to clutter and stress, which are two things no one needs more of in their life. While most people think they know the basics of closet organization, there are a few little-known hacks that can make a big impact.

Here are some handy secrets to help you maximize your closet space and keep everything organized and tidy:

  • Use the door for storage
  • Add a shelf-mounted or side-mounted ironing board
  • Roll rather than fold
  • Keep a stepladder handy
  • Invest in a pants rack
  • Add dividers to shelves and drawers
  • Use waterfall hooks

Read on to discover the best little-known organization secrets that can transform your closet space.

Use the Door for Storage

One of the most overlooked areas in a closet is the door. By using the back of your closet door, you can add a shoe organizer or some hooks to maximize your storage space. This is especially useful for small closets where every inch counts. You can use the shoe organizer to store shoes, or even smaller items like hats, gloves, and scarves. Hooks can be used for purses, belts, or other miscellaneous items.

Ironing Board

Add a Shelf-Mounted or Side-Mounted Ironing Board

Ironing boards can take up a lot of space, and let's be honest, they're not the most attractive item in a closet. A shelf-mounted or side-mounted ironing board is a great alternative to a traditional ironing board. These boards can be easily mounted to the side or underside of a shelf, and they fold down when not in use, freeing up valuable closet space.

Roll, Rather Than Fold

Are you still folding your clothes as you put them away? There are other options, and while some of those involve complicated and possibly intimidating folding techniques, at least one is fairly simple. According to House Beautiful , you should roll your clothes instead of folding them. Not only does this save space, but it also makes it easier to find the item you need without having to dig through a pile of clothing.

Underwear Drawer

Keep a Stepladder Handy

If you’re making the most of your custom closet storage space, you’re likely storing some items up high and out of reach. Keeping a stepladder handy can help you quickly and easily store sweaters, boxes, or blankets away, rather than leaving them in a heap on the floor. Put a small step ladder in a corner of the closet or on a hook on the wall so you can easily reach the highest shelves without straining your arms or neck.

Invest in a Pants Rack

Folded pants take up some valuable real estate in your custom closet system—and the process of folding is time-consuming, too. A pant rack is a great alternative that allows you to hang your pants vertically, maximizing closet space and making it easy to find the pair you need. Plus, your pants stay wrinkle-free and tidy.

Jewelry Drawer

Add Dividers to Shelves and Drawers

Dividers are an often-overlooked addition to shelves and drawers that can make a world of difference in how much storage space you’re able to use effectively. By using dividers, you’re able to keep each individual stack in its own space, eliminating the problem of disturbing one stack as you reach for something in another. Not only does this keep things neater, but it also limits how much your items are able to move around, keeping them safe and secure.

Use Waterfall Hooks

Waterfall hooks are handy hooks that attach to the top of your closet rod and cascade down, creating multiple levels of hanging space for your clothes and accessories. Not only do they maximize your storage space, but they also make it easier to see and access all of your items—and they couldn’t be easier to install. As a bonus, waterfall hooks are also a great solution for organizing those hard-to-store items like scarves, belts, and purses.


A custom closet system is a great investment, especially if you take the time to maximize the space and keep everything organized. By following the secret tips above, you can make the most of your closet space. With a little effort and creativity, you can turn your closet into a beautiful and functional space that makes your life easier and less stressful.