6 Playful Options for Wall Decor

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Wall decor doesn’t have to strictly be two-dimensional pieces of art that come as a poster, print, or photograph. It can also mean pieces that are more three-dimensional, and perhaps, a little more out there. Your decor should be fun and make you happy when you see it so we’re exploring some playful wall decor that will add some life to your walls.

Long horn geometric animal head.
Long Horn Geometric Animal Head from Bend Goods

While most people are pretty familiar with traditional trophy heads, Bend Goods turns them on their heads with modern versions that harm zero animals in the process. The Long Horn Geometric Animal Head gives the illusion of an animal head with its bends and angles offering up some geometric wildlife for your walls. To acquire this animal head, you don’t even have to leave your couch.

All of us can run down the block to the closest hardware store and buy a coat hook, but why be boring? Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Mogg, the Bastaaa Hooks (Set of 6) takes wall hooks to an entirely new level. These “hammers” might look like they’re doing damage to your wall, but really they’re being useful by working as coat hooks. You’ll definitely give your guests something to talk about.

Designed by Anne Boysen for Menu, these simple, graphic shapes become sophisticated wall art that can be combined in many different ways. The Still Art Objects are available in three graphic shapes in varying finishes allowing you to be the designer. Hang one or a combination of them, or just lean them against the wall for a playful, interactive art piece.

Chive aims to bring some life to your walls in the form of nature. Wall Dots are colorful circular vases you hang on the wall, solo or in a group. Place a flower stem or two in the single opening and suddenly your flowers become art. It’s not just the flowers though – the bold dots in bright colors are art themselves.

Continuing with the flower theme but in a completely different direction, Flora, by Rob Zinn for blankblank, is a whimsical design where aluminum is sculpted into one-of-a-kind flowers. The handcrafted pieces have a powder-coated finish in either pink or red and become a statement piece for your wall. While you can use them on a table, by hanging them on the wall, you’re creating quite the conversation piece.

Wall Art
Algue Elements from Vitra

And last but not least, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec designed Algue Elements (25 Pack) for Vitra, which are plant-like components that can be linked together to become a web-like textile. When grouped together, they can be used as a curtain or room divider, as well as a sculptural element on a wall. They’re available in seven colors so you can stick to one color or mix them up for a unique piece.

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