10 affordable gifts for Apple fans that you can still get before Christma

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Finding an affordable gift for the Apple fan in your life isn't always an easy task; after all, Apple products and accessories can be quite expensive. The good news is there are many useful items you can grab that any Apple fan would be happy to get, even if you're buying a gift for yourself. Whether you know someone who just bought a new iPhone 12, finally pulled the trigger on an iPad, or has been using a Mac for a while, there are a ton of budget-friendly gifts. Plus, as of the time of publishing, all these items should still get to you before Christmas. What are you waiting for, get one of these affordable gifts for Apple fans right now, and be known as the best gift giver!

Charger for the iPhone 12

Anker Nano iPhone Charger

Staff Pick

Anker's newest wall charger is specifically made with the iPhone 12 in mind. Its 20W of power will give your iPhone 12 the fastest charge it can handle, all while remaining in a small footprint, which means you can carry it anywhere you need to go. If you or someone who know got the iPhone 12 this fall, they need this charger!

$17 at Amazon

Car mount for iPhone

iOttie Easy One Touch 4

The One Touch 4 is probably the best iPhone car mount for most people. It cradles your iPhone securely, has a strong suction cup, and the adhesive dashboard pad means you'll always have a smooth surface to mount on. A proper car mount for your iPhone is not only a great gift, but it's also the safest way to drive with a phone in your car!

$25 at Amazon

Bluetooth trackers for wallet and keys

Tile Performance Pack

This awesome bundle includes the Tile Slim, which has a range of 200 feet, a three-year battery life, and shaped like a credit card to fit in most wallets! Plus, it also comes with the Tile Pro, which comes with a 400-foot range and is perfect for attaching to a key chain.

$50 at Amazon

Basic protection for and iPad or MacBook

JETtech Sleeve

If you're looking for something basic to protect your iPad Pro or 13-inch MacBook, JETtech's laptop sleeve is actually a great option. Affordable and big enough to house both your iPad and, say, an Apple Pencil, the sleeve is also roomy enough to hold your iPad Pro (2018 or 2020) while it's attached to a Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard.

$10 at Amazon

ANC headphones on a budget

TaoTronics TT-BH085

Taotronics are the best low-budget, active noise-canceling headphones I have ever used. With a sound profile that will please most people and a long-lasting battery, the BH085's give you great value for its price tag. Plus, with USB-C charging and its handy playback controls on the cans, the price is right for these incredibly affordable headphones.

$45 at Amazon

USB-C hub for Mac

Anker PowerExpand USB-C 7-in-2 Adapter

This is the little hub that could. It's nearly as powerful as a docking station but costs a fraction and doesn't take up almost as much space. It has two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, a micro SD and SD card reader, a USB-C port for high-speed data transfer, and a USB-C port for up to 100 watts power delivery.

$60 at Amazon

Improve your Mac's webcam

Wansview 1080p Webcam

If you or anyone you know has a MacBook, they likely have complained about how bad the built-in webcam can be, but you can get an affordable external webcam for the MacBook. It has 1080p support with a crisp, clear picture, including darker rooms. Plus, the microphone has subject recognition, so even if you're on the other side of a room while you're talking, it will pick up on your voice while blocking out the sound of the dog barking outside.

$26 at Amazon

Make your AirPods wireless charge

Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

Got AirPods without the wireless charging case? You can get just the case for a pretty affordable amount. This will allow you to charge up the regular AirPods using a Qi wireless charger. Just put the AirPods in the wireless charging case and slap the case on a qi charging pad.

$69 at Amazon

Cable they use every day

AUKEY USB-C to Lightning Cable

It may seem like an odd choice, but the cables that come with the iPhone and iPad are notorious for fraying and becoming worn out over time. This well-priced 6.6-foot long cable is MFi-certified, and it will last. It's designed for fast charging and reliable data transfer, and the tough braided nylon cable has aramid fiber support cores for extra durability.

$13 at Amazon

Pick your favorite color

Sport Loop

Nobody with an Apple Watch will ever say no to a nice Apple Watch band. Offering a hook-and-loop fastener, Apple's Sport Loop is soft, breathable, and lightweight. Like the Sport Band, it's available in different colors that change throughout the year. These bands are made with woven Nylon.

$49 at Apple$49 at Amazon

Give something they will love this holiday

As you can see, there are many affordable gifts for Apple fans that would be perfect. It doesn't matter if you know some with an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, or AirPods. Everything on this list is a great and useful gift to give to an Apple fan.

I know it may seem silly, but if you know somebody who got any of the iPhone 12 models this year, the Anker Nano iPhone Charger is the perfect stocking stuffer. It's one of the best iPhone 12 chargers because it will let them charge up their iPhone as quickly as possible.

Webcams on Mac are known for being pretty awful, but the Wansview 1080p Webcam is an inexpensive way for anyone to upgrade. It's an especially thoughtful gift when you consider how much more video chatting we've all done this year.

Lastly, I'd like to shout out to the Tile Performance Pack, because as a forgetful person myself, Bluetooth trackers like these keep me organized. Easy to keep in your wallet and attach to your keys, you'll never have to lose anything important again.